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PillPouch benefits

A FREE service to help remove errors, improve adherence and enhance health. Your patients prescription is obtained from your surgery and processed in our pharmacy.

PillPouch can provide you and your patients with the medication adherence support that you need. Our pouches are tailored to each patient’s needs, so you can be confident in their care.

Now patients have a simple and safe solution. Our pouches help them to better manage their medication, meaning they are less likely to miss doses.

By sorting each patient’s medication by dose and delivering to their door for free, there is no need to spend time sorting medication. Our service can support you to have more time to deliver other vital care to your patients, confident that every dose is as intended.

PillPouch organizes all the medication you need to administer in one clearly labelled, dose-specific pouch allowing you to spend less time sorting medication and more time in providing vital care and support to your patients.

Our clearly labelled pouches are pre-sorted with all the medication you need for each resident in one pouch. This can help to reduce the likelihood of administration errors and improves efficiency when caring for a number of residents or for those who may have complex or chronic conditions.

Our personalised pouches replace traditional compliance aids. By utilising automation technology to produce pouches more quickly and safely than traditional trays, which can support speedier discharge of patients.

Our multiple medication solution can support patients with the ordering and management of their medicines. This can help to reduce the workload and burden associated with repeat prescriptions ordered in a timely manner, while reducing waste and improving compliance — ensuring the prescribing process is as efficient as possible.

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PillPouch is powered by Dears Pharmacy and Amiry & Gilbride Pharmacy.

We are a growing group of independently owned community pharmacies with over 30 year’s experience of caring for our patients through medicines. Established in 1990 we provide a range of traditional and pioneering NHS services both online and through our community pharmacies in Edinburgh and Fife.